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Y el hombre hizo a su dios a su imagen y semejanza. - (69 enlaces).

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anthro.palomar.edu/hominid 25/02/2017 EARLY HOMININ EVOLUTION: A Survey of the Australopithecines and Related Genera. The immediate ancestors of humans were members of the genus Australopithecus. The australopithecines (or australopiths) were intermediate between apes and people. Both australopithecines and humans are biologically similar enough to be classified as members of the same biological tribe--the Hominini. All people, past and present, along with the australopithecines are hominins. We share in common not only the fact that we evolved from the same ape ancestors in Africa but that both genera are habitually bipedal, or two-footed, upright walkers. By comparison, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas are primarily quadrupedal, or four-footed.

anthro.palomar.edu/hominid/australo_1.htm 01/05/2017 Discovery of Early Hominins. The immediate ancestors of humans were members of the genus Australopithecus. The australopithecines (or australopiths) were intermediate between apes and people. Both australopithecines and humans are biologically similar enough to be classified as members of the same biological tribe--the Hominini. All people, past and present, along with the australopithecines are hominins. We share in common not only the fact that we evolved from the same ape ancestors in Africa but that both genera are habitually bipedal, or two-footed, upright walkers. By comparison, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas are primarily quadrupedal, or four-footed.

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ayudaprimates.wordpress.com 04/03/2017 El Centro Mexicano de Rehabilitación de Primates, A. C. es una institución sin fines de lucro, cuyos propósitos son: Recibir y cuidar de primates traficados ilegalmente, con la idea de reintroducirlos –cuando esto sea posible- a su hábitat natural o mantenerlos saludables y en las mejores condiciones. También realizamos Investigación y promovemos un Programa de Educación ambiental a todos los niveles.

bushmeat.net/about.html 29/05/2017 Bushmeat Project; Save the Great Apes; Chimps and Gorillas. The Bushmeat Project serves as a source of information and a facilitator of collaborative development in North America, equatorial Africa, and worldwide. Great apes -- gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos -- are being hunted to extinction for commercial bushmeat in the equatorial forests of west and central Africa. A ragged far flung army of a few thousand commercial bushmeat hunters supported by the timber industry infrastructure will illegally shoot and butcher more than two billion dollars worth of wildlife this year, including as many as 8,000 endangered great apes.

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gorillafund.org 16/11/2016 The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International is dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. We are committed to promoting continued research on the gorillas and their threatened ecosystems and to providing education about their relevance to the world in which we live. In collaboration with government agencies and other international partners, we also provide assistance to local communities through education, health, training and development initiatives. Beginning with founder Dr. Dian Fossey, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International has more than 40 years’ history of gorilla protection and conservation. We were established in 1978 as the Digit Fund, with the purpose of preserving and protecting the world's last mountain gorillas. Our focus has never wavered, but we have expanded to address other regional challenges to gorilla protection.

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pin.primate.wisc.edu 10/08/2017 Primate Info Net (PIN) is maintained by Lawrence Jacobsen Library at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC), University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jacobsen Library programs are supported by grants RR000167 and RR015311, National Primate Centers Program, National Center for Research Resources, the National Institutes of Health.

planetoftheapes.wikia.com/wiki/Orangutan 09/04/2017 The Orangutan is one of the species of apes in the Planet of the Apes franchise. The two species of orangutan are the only great apes native to Asia and live on the islands of Borneo (Pongo pygmaeus) and Sumatra (Pongo abelii). In the original Planet of the Apes film series the orangutans were the politicians, administrators, lawyers and priests of the ape society. They are the only species of ape in the films that have orange hair instead of dark colors like black, brown and gray.

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proyectogransimio.org 22/12/2016 El Proyecto Gran Simio NO pretende que se considere a chimpancés, gorilas, orangutanes y bonobos como HUMANOS, que NO son, si no como HOMÍNIDOS que SI son. Si la cercanía genética entre el hombre y los demás simios es grande, aún lo es mayor entre estos y otros homínidos como los neandertales, habilis, erectus, etc. Por lo tanto, ya que los grandes simios son tan HOMÍNIDOS como los neandertales, erectus, etc, el Proyecto Gran Simio solo pretende que se les trate y se les reconozca derechos como se los reconoceríamos a estos si no se hubiesen extinguido.

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redapes.org 09/04/2017 Richard Zimmerman is the Founding Director of Orangutan Outreach, a New York-based non-profit organization whose mission is to save the critically endangered orangutans and protect their rainforest home. Richard grew up in Southern California, where his love for orangutans was fostered by frequent visits to the Los Angeles and San Diego Zoos. His passion was reignited years later when he was living in Barcelona and made regular visits to the Barcelona Zoo to see Snowflake, the legendary albino gorilla.

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savetheorangutan.org 09/04/2017 Save the Orangutan believes that orangutans have a place in nature – also in the future. But Borneo's rainforest is disappearing, and the wild orangutan is threatened with extinction. With the help of dedicated contributors, we have been working for ten years to ensure the survival of the wild orangutan and halt clearance of its rainforest home. Saving the endangered orangutan is at the very heart of Save the Orangutan’s work, and in order to do make sure that future generations can coexist with orangutans, we focus not only on saving the remaining orangutans, but also on saving their home, Borneo’s rainforest, and sustainable development in the local communities.

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sumatranorangutan.org 09/04/2017 Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. SOCP is a collaborative programme of PanEco Foundation, Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari, and the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s Directorate General of Natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation.

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www.4apes.com/de 30/05/2017 Ape Alliance. Die Großen Affen - unsere Verwandten - und wie Sie helfen können, um sie vom Aussterben zu bewahrenption. Find out about the Great Apes - our relatives - and how you can help to save them from extinction.

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www.chimpworlds.com 10/08/2017 Chimpanzee Facts. Interesting facts about chimpanzees, hominid species of apes native to Africa. Habitat, Reproduction, Feeding, Anatomy, Communication, Evolution and more about the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus), as well as galleries of Pictures and Videos.

www.congo-apes.org 10/08/2017 The Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park was founded in 1993 as part of an initiative to maintain the pristine forests of the Ndoki region. Although the initial surveys in the Goualougo Triangle clearly demonstrated the high conservation value of these pristine forests and resident wildlife, the area was not included in the National Park and the Goualougo Triangle was scheduled for logging. In collaboration with the Congolese government and the local logging company, several conservation organizations undertook a global campaign to seek protected status for the Goualougo Triangle.

www.congo-apes.org/jeremie-capon-memorial-page 10/08/2017 Jeremie Capon Memorial Page. An Inspiring Friend to Great Apes: Jeremie Capon, Creator of the GTAP Facebook Cause. It is with deep sadness that we bid farewell to our friend Jeremie Capon. His contributions to the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project have been tremendous and inspiring. Jeremie showed us how passion for a cause can inspire others to action.

www.dpz.eu/de/aktuelles.html 10/08/2017 Aktuelles - Deutsches Primatenzentrum. Das Deutsche Primatenzentrum (DPZ) in Göttingen betreibt bio­logische und biomedizinische Grundlagenforschung mit und über Primaten auf den Gebieten der Infektionsforschung, der Neurowissenschaften und der Primatenbiologie.

www.dpz.eu/de/startseite.html 10/08/2017 Die Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH (DPZ, gegründet 1977) ist ein eigenständiges Forschungsinstitut mit Servicecharakter für die deutsche Wissenschaft. Es ist ein Mitglied der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft und wird anteilig vom Bund und von den Ländern finanziert. Zusätzlich wurden im Jahr 2015 etwa 25 Prozent des 19,43 Millionen Euro umfassenden Betriebsetats von den Wissenschaftlern des Hauses von Forschungsförderungsorganisationen eingeworben. Das DPZ ist durch vielfältige Kooperationen eng in den Forschungsstandort Göttingen eingebunden. So sind die Abteilungsleiter gleichzeitig Professoren der Universität Göttingen oder der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover. Da das DPZ in der Bundesrepublik einzigartig ist und in Europa nur ein vergleichbares Institut existiert, kommt dem Zentrum eine hohe überregionale Bedeutung zu.

www.fcprimatespanama.org 10/08/2017 Fundación Pro-Conservación Primates Panameños (FCPP). Es una organización no gubernamental Panameña, sin fines de lucro que está iniciando los primeros conteos poblacionales de Primates no humanos de Panamá, con el fin de comprender su ecología poblacional y servir de base para estudios de impacto ambiental en beneficio de la flora y fauna de nuestro país. Censamos poblaciones de Primates en las diferentes reservas y bosques fragmentados de Panamá, especialmente estudiamos aquellas subspecies menos conocidas o en Peligro Crítico basados en la lista de la UICN. La FCPP nace a raíz de la intención de expandir un proyecto inicial de conteo poblacional de grupos de primates viviendo en las zonas fragmentadas de la Penísula de Azuero. El Proyecto Pro-Conservación de los Primates Endémicos de Azuero, se inició en Abril del año 2001 por Pedro Méndez-Carvajal, biólogo panameño egresado de la Universidad de Panamá.

www.gf-primatologie.de/deutsch/gfp-e-v 10/08/2017 Die GfP ist eine Vereinigung von Personen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum (Deutschland, Östereich, Schweiz) und den Niederlanden, die sich für nicht-menschliche Primaten interessieren. Die Gesellschaft wurde 1988 gegründet. Sie umfasst ca. 250 Mitglieder und ist Mitglied der European Federation of Primatology (EFP), assoziiert mit der International Primatological Society (IPS) und durch das Deutsche Nationalkomitee Biologie (DNK) bei der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) vertreten.

www.gorilapedia.com 10/08/2017 Gorilapedia. Gorilas. Enciclopedia Especializada.

www.gorilladoctors.org 10/08/2017 The Gorilla Doctors began as the realization of a dream of American gorilla researcher Dian Fossey. Fossey dedicated her life to studying and protecting mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Our regional headquarters are located in Musanze, Rwanda, about a 30-minute drive from Volcanoes National Park. We also have field facilities in Kisoro and in Buhoma, just outside Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and a field facility at the Senkwekwe Center at the Virunga National Park headquarters in Rumangabo, DRC, and offices and laboratories in Kigali, Rwanda, Kampala, Uganda and Goma, DRC.

www.gorillas-world.com 17/03/2017 Gorilla information, anatomy, feeding, reproduction, distribution, evolution, predators, social structure and Gorilla conservation. Facts about Eastern Gorillas and Western Gorillas.

www.help-primates.org 25/05/2016 Le projet HELP (Habitat Ecologique et Liberté des Primates) se compose de deux associations partenaires : HELP Congo et HELP International. HELP Congo est une association congolaise loi 1901 créée en 1990. Le domaine d'action de cette ONG est la protection des primates, en particulier celle des chimpanzés, et de leur habitat. Elle agit en République du Congo. HELP International est une association de loi 1901, créée par d’anciens bénévoles au Congo, Cette association française du Nord assure un soutien logistique, financier et médiatique à l'association congolaise HELP, au Sud.

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www.iucnredlist.org/details/17975/0 09/04/2017 Pongo pygmaeus (Bornean Orangutan). Bornean Orangutans are lowland forest specialists, rarely found above 500 m asl. In the 1950s, the habitat suitable for orangutans extended across ~255,000 km² of the island of Borneo. The two major reasons why most Bornean Orangutans populations are in sharp decline are destruction, degradation and fragmentation of their habitats, and hunting. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™.

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www.janegoodall.es/es/etologia.html 17/03/2017 Etología de los chimpancés - Instituto Jane Goodall. La etología es la ciencia que estudia la conducta o comportamientos de diversas especies animales.

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www.orangutan.com 17/03/2017 The Orangutan Conservancy (OC) is dedicated to the protection of orangutans in their natural habitat through research, capacity building, education and public awareness programs, and by supporting numerous on-the-ground efforts to save Southeast Asia’s only great ape.

www.orangutan.or.id 09/04/2017 BOS Foundation. Established in 1991, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the Bornean orangutan and its habitat, in cooperation with local communities, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and international partner organizations. The BOS Foundation is currently taking care of almost 750 orangutans with the support of 400 highly devoted staff, as well as experts in primatology, biodiversity, ecology, forest rehabilitation, agroforestry, community empowerment, education, and orangutan healthcare.

www.orangutan.org.au 09/04/2017 The Orangutan Project was established in 1998 by founder and world-renowned orangutan expert, Leif Cocks, as a result of his 25+ year career working with orangutans - including establishing the most successful breeding colony of orangutans in the world. The Orangutan Project was formed with a key mission; to ensure that endangered wild orangutan species would be protected against extinction, and would continue to live in secure populations for generations to come. Today, The Orangutan Project is a dynamic, fast-growing and successful not-for-profit organisation that supports a wide range of critical projects that address the holistic problem facing remaining fragmented orangutan populations - including fighting deforestation and habitat loss at the highest level.

www.projetogap.org.br/es/primate/chimpances 09/04/2017 O Great Ape Project (Projeto dos Grandes Primatas), ou GAP, é um movimento internacional criado em 1994, cujo objetivo maior é lutar pela garantia dos direitos básicos a vida, liberdade e não-tortura dos grandes primatas não humanos – Chimpanzés, Gorilas, Orangotangos e Bonobos, os parentes mais próximos do homem no mundo animal. Para tanto o projeto criou a Declaração Mundial dos Grandes Primatas, documento que oficializa os direitos creditados a estes animais.

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